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Virginia resident, Christopher S. Feltner (b. 1978), cut his teeth playing in various punk, metal, and hardcore bands since age 14 before discovering, falling in love with, and devoting himself to the path of sonic experimentation. Feltner has used noise synths, effects pedals, voice, breath, throat noises, plastic and metal objects, didgeridoo, microphones, guitars, shakers, samples, and vibrators in experimental bands, THEY and Stifling, before taking a more personal and solitary approach to sound under the name, Kingdom of Sharks.

During the past four years of performing as Kingdom of Sharks, Feltner has recorded and performed with ex-THEY drummer, Philip Whitfield, as Ghosts of Nottoway, performed with noise collective, Sex Complex, and currently plays guitar with experimental rock-based band, Degollado. Aside from Kingdom of Sharks, Feltner began performing and recording under his birth name to explore a more physical and performance-based aesthetic. At the end of 2012, Feltner dropped the Kingdom of Sharks moniker to perform solely under his own name. The focus on experimentation hasn't changed, only the name.




I (2013) - self-released; only available at live performances

Live from Sonic Circuits Festival (2012) - The Blues and Exorcism

Absence (2012) SEVEN1878


Memories (2012) Spirit Throne Tapes

Sulphur Springs (2012) Failed Recordings

Physical (2011) SEVEN1878

A History of Mental Illness (2011) SEVEN1878 - free download

Earth.Beast.Machine (2010) SEVEN1878 - split with Orgasm Denial- free download

Return To Sender (2010) SEVEN1878 - No Longer Available

Diary of Lynch (2009) SEVEN1878 - free download

The Eaters of the Dead vs Kingdom of Sharks (2009) - free download

ALPHA/OMEGA (2009) SEVEN1878 - No Longer Available

End Times (2009) SEVEN1878 - split/collab with Spoken War - free download

Other releases:

Christopher S. Feltner "Waking Up From The American Dream" e-book (2011) SEVEN1878
Degollado "Dark of the Day" (2011) Founding Father Records
Ghosts of Nottoway "Circular Breathing" (2011) SEVEN1878
Ghosts of Nottoway "self titled" (2010) SEVEN1878 - free download
Spoken War "Language Is A Weapon" (2007) SEVEN1878- No Longer Available
THEY "Idle Hands Do The Devil's Work" (2005) - No Longer Available